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Adelaide Skyline
Adelaide Skyline

Cool, wet winters with a low temperature of around 12C, and hot, searing summers reaching a average of 30C; Adelaide’s Springs and Autumns are renowned for being ‘just perfect’.

Founded as a truly independent city, the capital of South Australia has no convict history and was built with no financial backing from Europe. Attracting persecuted Lutherans in its early days, Adelaide displays dignified solid stone architecture representative of their influence.

Whilst the city is placed in a wonderful position between Gulf St Vincent and the Mt Loft Ranges, Adelaide is flat and beautifully landscaped. Through the lack of city centre skyscrapers so evident in other cities, and the multitude of stunning parks of all sizes; Adelaide provides a sense of space and tranquility – and is a walker’s paradise.

For shopping, Rundall Mall boasts a vast array of shops and boutiques, as well as cafes and restaurants. As the main hub of the city, this tree-lined precinct is also within easy reach to the museums and galleries.
For a Victorian-style day at the beach, the sands of Glenelg can be reached via the historic trams. Here you’ll find fairground rides amongst the fish & chip shops, and modern cafes.

Adelaide is accessible by rail, road, river/sea, and its airport.

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